bogdanove jon

5.0 star Zillow rating 10/05/2017 
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, CA.

I cannot accurately describe how conscientious, trustworthy, hardworking and effective Ronald and David are. Above and beyond anything we’ve ever experienced buying a home before. 
            L.A. is an expensive market. It can be very disheartening for a middle class family looking to purchase here for the   first time. A young couple who are dear friends found a condo in their price range that seemed too good to be true. When we asked them how they did it, they credited it all to Ronald and David. 
            We’d looked on our own for quite a while, using all the apps, and we’d begun to feel nearly hopeless. It seemed there was no way a freelance artist and retired teacher from rural Maine could ever hope to attain home-ownership in this city. 
            On our friends’ recommendation, we called Ronald and David, and our California Dream came true! They are so vigilante, sharp and dedicated to the search, it really seems that they are motivated by more than just their commission. There were a couple of times they might have sold us on a compromise we’d felt we might have to settle for, but they didn’t. There was never any pressure. On the contrary, they kept saying, “Don’t worry. I think you can do better.”  And they were right! 
            They really understood us and what we needed–and what we could realistically afford. They expertly know the local market, so much so it seems like they are personally acquainted with every home and building in the Greater Los Angeles area! 
            The home Ronald and David helped us find is our picture-perfect postwar American Dream come true! They haggled it into our price range and guided us through all the wrinkles and California complications. We settled in a year ago, and we still periodically  can’t help exclaiming “I love this house!!”
            It’s great to have all the apps. They are fun, informative and useful– but they can’t replace the heroic advocacy of a truly great real estate agent. These are the guys

— bogdanove jon